They Watch us from the moon t-shirtIf there is one message the 21st Century needs to hear it is the expression of psychedelic tension from this group of planetary wayfaring space crusaders. Heavy psychedelic mantras and thick cosmic fuzz counter balance the haunting banshee message. Abduction, solitude, cold cold space is only survived in the warm embrace of this cult like tribe of lost children of Earth. Taken off world and exposed to cosmic and universal wisdom and wonder. They bring secret knowledge. Hermetic secrets of vitality and truth of your hidden existence. Kabbalah, Veda, Bible, Book of the Dead all speak of the same wisdom. Do you desire wisdom and truth? Are you seeking enlightenment? Do the whispers of fuzz speak to you in the long cold lonely night? Then there is but one ritual truth you should be exposed to to begin your journey to nirvana. One absolute truth you must endure to begin the monk’s trials of universal acceptance. When you know it your enlightenment will begin.. Breathe deep… repeat after the sacred text, they watch us from the moon.

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