We are of Earth. We have come through dimensions and time to warn human kind that our own planet and its moon are not our own. There are secrets hidden from you. Society is built to keep those secrets away from you. Your docile life fits into their plan to keep your eyes from the real prize. The secrets are hidden in plain sight. Secret Societies are running the planet for a reason. Each of the Houses hold a portion of the truth.
There is impending doom coming from the moon. They are biding time. Waiting in shadows. Plotting. Planning. There is Doom above our skies.We are but for one cause. We will take back the moon! Kings and Pharaoh's have known it, Wizards and Druids too. They Watch Us... From The Moon! There is Doom above our skies. Tyrants will fall! Join the Banshee's Vanguard! We will take back the Moon!

Join the Banshee's Vanguard

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